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Buying A New Refrigerator

Not everyone in your house is a cook, but everyone in your house makes use of the refrigerator. Since "the 'frig" is such a frequently visited point of your kitchen it is worth taking the time to consider some important features when deciding on a new unit when remodeling your kitchen.

Orientation / Style

Most all refrigerators will fall into one of the following: freezer on top, freezer on bottom, side-to-side, and no freezer. The style that is right for you is dependant on your needs. A side-to-side unit may look nice and save space, but will often consume more electricity than others will due to the freezer portion taking up a larger percentage of space occupied. Refrigerators which feature the freezer on the bottom work great for people who don't use their freezers much, but will quickly give a back ache to those that store many meats or tv dinners. Often times units that have no freezer are used in small places in offices or apartments. As common sense would dictate, the refrigerator you decide on is limited by the amount of space you have available.

Refrigerator Interior

The interior of your refrigerator should be one that provides ample storage space and convenient access to frequently accessed items. Some good features to be on the look out for include shelves with a "spill-proof" lip on them, adjustable height shelving, multi-climate controls for different compartments such as the crisper area, and slide-out shelving which makes it easy to reach items stored in the back of the refrigerator.

Energy Consumption

While there is no avoiding the fact that refrigerators are large and need to consume a healthy chunk of energy to keep things cold, some units will consume significantly less than others. If your current refrigerator is not up to date it is good to consider replacing it. New units with an Energy Star label will consume far less electricity in the long run, saving you money in addition to being easier on the environment.


While the capacity if a unit is fairly dependant on the outside dimensions, a basic guideline to remember is that a family of 4 should aim for at least 20 cubic feet of storage space in their refrigerator.
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